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BODE ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO., located in XI’AN High-tech industries development zone. It specializes in research, design, manufacture and control system integration of the industrial automation products in petroleum, metallurgy and special equipment fields, and has got certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. The products have been awarded by the government administration many times, and many important patents as well.

Petroleum field
WEST BRIGHT provides integrated electrical control systems for the drilling rigs from 1500m to 12000m depth, including ZJ15DB, ZJ30DB, ZJ40LDB, ZJ50LDB, ZJ70LDB, ZJ50DB, ZJ70DB, ZJ90DB,ZJ120DB top drive control system, offshore platform electrical drilling control system, intelligent auto-drilling control system, TV monitor and anti-collision system, specially, we have successfully provided the integrated electrical control system for the first deepest drilling rig, ZJ90DB in China and ZJ120DB which being most recently developed is the first deepest rig electrical control system in the country..

Metallurgy field
WEST BRIGHT supplies electrical control systems for the galvanizing line equipment from 100 to 200 thousand tons, color coating equipment from 100 to 200 thousand tons, acid washing equipment from 100 to 200 thousand tons, flatteners, flying shear, slip shear, four high mill and so on.

Special equipments
WEST BRIGHT supplies wind tunnel control equipment for aviation field, trailer control system for the biggest water-power laboratory in Asia and kinds of test and control systems for many labs.

WEST BRIGHT has provided the service of design, manufacture, test and training for hundreds of domestic and oversea companies, and successfully equipped over 100 sets of AC/DC electrical drive systems from ZJ30DB to ZJ120DB for most of the oil fields in China. Specially, the electrical control system of ZJ90DB which is the first deepest drilling rig has been awarded technical Innovation Fund in 2005 and National Important New Product in 2006.